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Fully vetted engineers ready to start immediately. Get access to qualified and diverse talent while saving time and money by allowing our team to handpick your ideal candidate.

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Why Henry?

Top 3%

Our rigorous screening and training process identifies candidates within the top 3% of applicants.


$0 recruiting fees. Due to favorable exchange rates, hire remote workers at half the price you would pay in places like the US or EU.

US time zones

Our bilingual candidates, are located in LatAm countries (GMT-3 /GMT -6) and are ready to join your team today.

Our program

What our devs know

Our candidates have mastered the skills your team needs most.

Soft Skills

Problem Solvers
Hard Workers

Technical Skills

React Native


Agile Methodologies
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How it works

Meet our job placement team. They will assist you in determining your needs. Apply here.

Get access to our alumni, who are trained on diverse technical skills, and interview your next hire.

We’ll introduce you to the right candidate for your project - they’ll be ready to make an impact on your business from day one.
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Rockstar developers
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Pía Cherni
Pía Cherni
Buenos Aires - Argentina

Hello! I am Pía, a focused, dedicated Full-Stack Developer. I'm passionate about solving problems, learning new technologies and m...ver más

Klaus Opitz
Klaus Opitz
Veracruz - México

Full-Stack Developer. I'm passionate about technology. I'm passionate about thinking about problems and coming up with solutions t...ver más

Daniela Cayuela
Daniela Cayuela
Bogotá - Colombia

Hello! as you have already seen in my profile, my name is Daniela, and I am a young Colombian-Spanish developer. I decided to get ...ver más

Henry talent

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Our graduates have been trained in the last technologies covering a wide range of knowledge.

Full Stack Developer

Software Developer

Software Developer

Front End Developer

Front End Developer

Back End Developer

Back End Developer

Web Developer

Web Developer

Mobile Developer

Mobile Developer


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Frequent Questions

How does the hiring process work?

Every month, we send you a list of candidates ready to join your team. Interview the profiles that best suit your needs and make a direct offer, without intermediaries.

Is it necessary to sign an agreement with Henry?

No, we do not make any commercial agreements with companies.

Does it cost anything to hire a Henry graduate?

No, we do not charge any recruitment fees.

Can I exclusively access Henry's candidate base?

No, we do not grant exclusivity. In general, the most agile companies with competitive market offers, end up hiring successfully.

How can I hire and pay the candidates?

There are several platforms that handle international payroll, benefits, taxes and compliance for full-time employee like letsdeel.com, ontop.ai, pilot.co. If you prefer to hire as a full-time contractor you can also use paypal.com, payoneer.com, transferwise.com, etc.
Our Support


We are supported by global investors that share our vision in empowering digital talent in Latin America.

“Given the large unmet demand for software engineers, creating a school in Latin America to develop those engineers is a big opportunity, and this is the team to succeed. We invested in Henry because the team is talented and mission-driven“

Tim Brady

YCombinator Partner

“In a remote world, you can access talent everywhere and Henry is training the best engineers from Latam“

Tim Draper

Founder Draper University

“Henry’s role in providing affordable financing for high quality technical education can help address the multifaceted challenges of persistent income inequality, high unemployment, and a skilled worker shortage facing both students and employers in Latin America“

Michael Schlein

CEO and President

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